When You Need More Than a Good Brushing...

Shampoo Bars with Natural Insect Repellants for Horses!

Five Sauvon Bars
For horse and dog owners who want a shiny clean, happy animal, our Sauvon Bars provide a safe, chemical-free shampoo bar with natural insect repellants that don't damage your animal's skin and hair coat. These long-lasting bars are more cost-effective than bottled shampoos and they last longer, while reducing single-use plastics in your barn and home. Your horse will thank you, your kids will thank you and, heck, we thank you, too!
bathing horse
Sauvon Bars are all-natural and contain no chemicals to strip hair, They are carefully crafted from from nourishing oils and butters as well as organic anti-bacterial and anti-fungal oils. As a result, they can be used more frequently than traditional chemical shampoos and actually improve your animal's skin and hair, creating a clean and healthy animal with a lustrous coat.

Fight Back Against Flies, Rain Rot and Dirt


repel insects
Some flies transmit disease directly transferring infectious organisms from the blood, mucus or lesions of an infected horse to the next horse upon which they feed. Stable-fly and horn-fly dermatitis results from the destruction wrought by the fly bite itself, which can cause inflammation and, if scratched repeatedly, abrasions, scabbing and scarring.


sores from rain rot
Rain rot is one of the most common skin infections seen in horses. It is also referred to as "rain scald". Usually appearing on the horse's back and rump, along with the back of the fetlock and front of the cannon bone. It may also appear on the tips of the horse's ears and around the eyes and muzzle. When rain rot appears on the lower limbs (behind the fetlock), it is most commonly referred to as scratches or "dew poisoning".


Dusty Horse
Dirt and other foreign material between the horse and the saddle or boots need to be removed because they can damage the skin, causing infection, pain and lost riding time. But over-washing with traditional soaps can be just as bad, creating dry, itchy skin.

Experienced Riders Like Sauvon Bars

Inga Janke
FEI Dressage Trainer /Rider

Inga Jenk Riding Cantano
I am a huge fan of Sauvon Bars! Cantano's scratches are completely cleared up and it whitened my gray's tail like nothing else on the market.

Dr. Bridgett McIntosh
Amateur Hunter Competitor

Bridgett McIntosh Riding Lincoln
Styliczed “aka” Lincoln is prone to skin sensitivities. Since I have been using Sauvon Shampoo bars, his coat has never looked better. I use it regularly at home and at the horse shows where we compete in the Amateur Owner Hunters.


Sauvon Bar Single

One Horse
25 Washes


Three Sauvon Bars

Two or More Horses
75 Washes


Five Sauvon Bars

Training Centers
125 Washes

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Our Mission

We celebrate in creating great products that are safe and enjoyable for people, animals and the planet. If you would like to know more about these commitments, please email us at: info@apres-grange.net.
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Horse Country

Sauvon Shampoo Bars are made in the elegant, rolling horse country surrounding Middelburg, Virginia, by the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This area is home to internationally known farms, breeders and riders.
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Helping Hand

Our vision is to build a safe work place with meaningful jobs and livable salaries to those with special needs. A portion of sales is donated to Special Olympics, whose equestrian and other athletic programs help children and adults with intellectual disabilities.
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Natural Ingredients
Our proprietary blend contains sea buckthorn powder and oil (whose botanical name literally translates to shining horse!) as well as coconut and olive oil, and numerous organic essential oils proven to repel insects. Our bars are also free from harsh chemicals, neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors and carcinogens, so you and your animals don't need to worry about nasty stuff getting on your skin or in your lungs.

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Long Lasting
Each Sauvon Shampoo Bar should last up to 20-25 washes in normal conditions for horses and 30-35 for a medium sized dog. Store your bar in a dry place like a natural fiber or wood soap holder to allow complete drying so the bar lasts longer for you.